Here at GEO Labels INC. we are up to speed with today’s energy efficient lighting to power our warehouse. We use only environmentally friendly ink, BPA free products, 100% recyclable products. We have also worked with each of the following organizations.





We have been supporting St.Baldricks Foundation for years because we believe that everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle especially those less fortunate. Our financial contributions help St.Baldricks to further their research on treating childhood cancer so that these children can live full and healthy lives.


By working with Enactus we have been able to work side by side with college students who see the need for social responsibility and have made the decision to make it part of their business practices early on in their professional careers. On a trip to City Of Children Orphanage in Ensenada, MX these students as well as a representative from our company built a green house and planted fruit trees so that these children could have easier access to healthy organic food as well as reduce the cost of purchasing the food from a market. In addition to helping the children with their physical health they also spent time with the children to get to know them and where their backgrounds. The students left a message with these children motivating them to better themselves and work hard in school so that one day they too could attend college. The City of Children Orphanage pays for these children to go to college if they meet the requirements.

Be Perfect

Be Perfect is an organization started by Hal Hargrave Jr. who suffered a life changing automobile accident; since then Hal created the Be Perfect Foundation which is dedicated to helping those who have suffered from spinal cord injuries. Contributions from Geo Labels Inc. helps Be Perfect to keep doing what they have been to help change the lives of others whether it be pay for medical bills or buying a wheelchair.